sala y gomez

Isla Salas y Gómez, also known as Isla Sala y Gómez, is a small uninhabited Chilean island in the Pacific Ocean. It is the easternmost point in the Polynesian . Chile's Sala y Gómez, or Motu Motiro Hiva, is a dark, rugged rise of volcanic basalt in the vast Pacific Ocean, its low shores flooded with tide pools. Located more . Isla Sala y Gomez is a small uninhabited Chilean island located 415 kilometres east of Easter Island; it is the easternmost point in the Polynesian Triangle. The Salas y Gómez and Nazca ridges are two sequential chains of submarine mountains of volcanic origin located in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean, jointly . Easter and Sala y Gomez Islands lie along the Sala y Gomez Ridge, a broad zone of high topography and scattered seamounts extending east-southeast from . 2010. 8. 16. - 'Sala y Gómez Island has been identified by National Geographic as a remote place that represents a valuable ecosystem which is also part of .

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